A Day to Remember

1 x 1 hr & 90 min special exploring the career of the sculptor Paul Day, following his commission to construct the London Battle of Britain Monument.

This art history programme explores the career and techniques of the artist Paul Day. It documents his first thoughts of this ultimately life changing commission. Exploration takes place into his work up until the point of the unveiling by HRH the Prince of Wales. Art critics, gallery owners and collectors will reinforce the flair behind Paul Day’s work taking us to Paris and Brussels to see many examples of his outstanding works. They explain the factors that makes his work so unique and asks why public recognition has taken so long.

The programme will explore the History of the Battle of Britain and unfolds many other historical facts like the site itself on the Victoria Embankment, a chimney stack for the District Line Underground built by the renowned engineer Joseph Bazalgette.  The artist takes us through the sculpting process where the audience gets the first exciting glimpse of this profound piece of work. Following the artist through all the trials and tribulations he ultimately faces meeting such a pressured deadline. The programme also explores how the money was raised to complete the work.


Stephen Saunders
Producer / Director

Ron Saunders

Richard P. Hill / Tim Deacon

David Holmes

Neil Clements

Stephen Saunders

Peter Collins
Dubbing Mixer

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