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1 x 1 hr for the BBC Learning Zone & Web site Visual artists working in many different styles and media talk about how they make their work.

What is the nature of creativity in the visual arts?  How do artists turn their ideas into art? What inspires them to work with particular media and on particular subjects? How have their ideas developed? In this series of short films we hear, in the words of the artists themselves, what they feel about their relationship to creativity, and what it means to them to be a  visual artist.

The programme focuses on how artists develop their ideas and make pieces of work. We hear from sculptors, painters, designers, conceptual and video artists. They describe what it is about their chosen media that so excites them and how they feel when they are alone with theirwork, concentrating on expressing their ideas. Filmed in their personal workspaces they talk about their working practice and their materials, and demonstrate some of the processes involved.

2010 Silver Intermedia-global Award


Stephen Saunders
Executive Producer

Amanda Willett
Executive Producer BBC

Dawn Robertson / Sam Hanson

David Arshadi / Ben Fogg / Richard Hughes / Stephen Saunders

Chris Goodger / Richard P Hill / Adam Jones / Suzie Lavelle  

Peter Brill / David Holmes / Fraser Satherly / Luke Williams

Peter Collins
Dubbing Mixer

Neil Clements

David I Smith

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