The Long Road Home Feature / Drama


June 194, William Catchpole signed up to the RAF looking for action and adventure. Now January 1945, along with thousands of P.O.Ws, he’s about to be force marched across Eastern Europe’s deadly cold landscape.

To survive, he has to keep a promise to return with his friend Lt. Jake Fulton to his family. To achieve this, he must first battle the enemy, starvation and his own conscience.

The tide of the Second World War has turned. The Allies now threaten all of Germany’s borders. To the east the Red Army resumes its relentless advance towards the Fatherland. Directly in its path are thousands of British and Commonwealth Soldiers; inmates of the many P.O.W. Camps situated in Poland. After surviving four years as P.O.W.s, working at gunpoint in mines and factories, strengthening the very forces they signed up to destroy; a direct violation to the Geneva Convention, the P.O.W.s suffering is mysteriously prolonged as Himmler orders all P.O.W.s to be marched hundreds of miles west away from the liberating forces and into the heart of Nazi occupied Europe. During the worst winter in decades with barely adequate clothing or sustenance, thousands of POWs are force-marched on a journey that history has since labeled ‘The Death March.’ Many died of disease, starvation and exhaustion along the way. As the war came to an end those that survived found their shocking story was largely ignored and forgotten.

This film is based on the stories of those men whom had been told “for you the war is over” long before the long road home.

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