Shaping a New Europe – The Post War Fallout

A nation reduced to a wasteland of starvation and disease, torn apart by the breakdown of law and order, by unrestrained reprisal and revenge. Territory depopulated while tens of thousand are driven together by fear and famine to scrape a brutish existence amongst the rubble of their once thriving cities. The regime that promised them so much has fallen, now they are ruled by occupying forces who struggle to restore order while plagued by bands of opportunistic thugs and fanatics. Rape, pillage, looting are everyday occurrences threatening to overwhelm the hope and heroism that attempts to hold back the tide of barbarism and cruelty.  A three part, graphic examination of the experiences of both victors and vanquished in the immediate years following the end of the war in Europe and how we have progressed to present day. But have we progressed with the new challenges Europe face today.


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