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Bristol Scout – Rebuilding History DVD

Avaliable on DVD    |    £3.50 + P&P

This a story of the Bristol Scout aircraft flown by F D H Bremner, whose great grandson David Bremner is rebuilding his aircraft to the exact specifications of the original from design drawings found, plus three artefacts in his garage; a stick, rudder bar and magneto after his great grandfather’s death in 1983.

The film tells the remarkable journey of the 14 year struggle to build and then to take it across Europe to the site it flew during the Gallipoli campaign 100 years ago.

The film documents the construction of this aircraft while at the same time tell the remarkable story of the campaign though IWM recoding of F D H Bremner in 1970.

Only £3.50 FREE postage (UK Only / reduced rates rest of world)