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BRISTOL SCOUT – Rebuilding History Coming soon to TV

This a story of the Bristol Scout aircraft flown by F D H Bremner, whose great grandson David Bremner is rebuilding his aircraft to the exact specifications of the original from design drawings found, plus three artefacts in his garage; a stick, rudder bar and…
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Worn Memories

Each and every one of us has items of clothing that we have some sort of sentimental attachment to. ‘Worn Memories’ is a documentary that will explore how stories and memories are contained within these items of clothing, then recalling…
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The Fever Trail

1 x 1 hr Drama/Documentary following the exploits of finding the cure for Malaria. A disease that is so deadly it changed the course of history. In the last ten years alone it has claimed the lives of  over 30…
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You’re Thinking About Doughnuts  

6 x 30 min live action and animation adventure drama for a children’s television series. The series is an adventure series based on the imagination of young Frank, the leading character, who has a quest to find his mother and…
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Shaping a New Europe – The Post War Fallout

A nation reduced to a wasteland of starvation and disease, torn apart by the breakdown of law and order, by unrestrained reprisal and revenge. Territory depopulated while tens of thousand are driven together by fear and famine to scrape a brutish existence…
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Wild Girls

1 x 1 hr Documentary. Follows the exploits of three Girls from the University of Exeter as they work, preparing their theses on two of the most important species of the Ascension Island. In the middle of the South Atlantic…
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The Long March To Freedom

3 x1 hr documentaries featuring POWS telling of their introduction to life in the armed forces and describing their experiences at the outbreak of WWII. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie,…
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Art & Design

1 x 1 hr for the BBC Learning Zone & Web site Visual artists working in many different styles and media talk about how they make their work. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to…
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The Lancaster at War

1 x1 hr for Military History Channel. The story of the Avro Lancaster’s part in the bombing campaign to cripple the Third Reich. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn…
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