The Lancaster at War

1 x1 hr for Military History Channel. The story of the Avro Lancaster’s part in the bombing campaign to cripple the Third Reich.

‘The Lancaster At War‘ is a vivid account of the  aircraft that became the mainstay of Britain’s Bomber Command in the struggle to defeat Nazi Germany. The programme shows its operational history including daring daylight raids deep into the enemy’s homeland, the epic Dambuster’s mission, precision attacks on Hitler’s ‘V’ weapon sites, the paralysing of German forces prior to D-Day and missions of mercy that will  save thousands from starvation in Occupied Territories.

Surviving Lancaster aircrew give frank and candid personal accounts of their part in an aerial battle of attrition that will claim the lives of 55,000 aircrew. Archive film, some of it unseen in colour, along with material specially shot for this production, graphically illustrate the capabilities of this remarkable aircraft, its development and its war-time missions.

2010 Gold lntermedia-global Award


Stephen Saunders
Producer / Director

Richard P Hill / Tin Deacon

David Holmes

David Arshadi
Editor / Second Unit Director

Neil Clements

David I Smith

Peter Collins
Dubbing Mixer

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