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Feature Drama (In Production)

Logline – Throughout the 80s and 90s an undercover Detective will stop at nothing to rid the West Midlands of crime, putting him on a collision course with trouble on both sides of the thin blue line. Based on true events.

Synopsis – Summer, 1992. Hardened West Midland’s DI Ronnie Howard is deep undercover in LA as a corrupt chemist. To save lives and his career, Ronnie needs a massive shipment of ecstasy along with its prospective owner, target Nigel Patrick, back on UK soil for arrest. But unpredictable smuggler Nigel and his mule/lover are too busy enjoying the deal’s spoils to actually complete it. To corroborate Ronnie’s actions, should he end up in the dock or dead, he regales the audience with his lifelong dedication to fighting crime in the West Midlands. Cue a series of flashbacks intercutting his LA sting. 

A child of 60s Birmingham, Ronnie is sickened by constant criminality. Vowing to fight the villains he joins the police. By the 80s Ronnie’s obsession with justice has prevented a private life, but has provided one hell of a partner in car aficionado ‘Dags’. Together they are promoted to CID, but progress stalls when they encounter a rat. Sickened by the corruption in Birmingham, Ronnie and ‘Dags’ enlist as undercover officers on dangerous drug operations further afield in the UK. With the help of informants from all walks of life, they keep encountering a name — Loughin. But their superiors label Loughin an ‘untouchable’, ordering the case dropped. Following his heart rather than his orders, Ronnie arrests Loughin, ruffling too many feathers and causing his exile from the force.

Early 1992, dangerous Brummie dealer Nigel Patrick fills the void left by Loughin. Nigel’s estranged wife turns informer, revealing a major upcoming LA ecstasy shipment. In a u-turn, the force now demand Ronnie’s relentless methods. ‘Dags’ and new recruit DC Kate Saunders help Ronnie go undercover as pharmaceutical expert ‘The Chemist’ to befriend Nigel.

Back to LA, summer, 1992, Ronnie as ‘The Chemist’ performs the ecstasy exchange but is double-crossed by Nigel’s US supplier. A high-speed car chase ensues with Ronnie, Nigel and mule Rebecca fleeing to the airport.

Ronnie’s sting is set. They all land in the UK with the drugs. But Ronnie and Rebecca get pulled at Customs allowing Nigel to dodge the sting. Ronnie looks finished, until Nigel resurfaces demanding a meet. It is revealed that Ronnie switched the drugs and Nigel wants them back. Ronnie obliges and hands over the drugs, but before he can make his arrest, Nigel flees with the full force of the West Midland’s Police in pursuit.   

Nigel shoots ‘Dags’. Vengeful, Ronnie corners Nigel, but Nigel disarms and turns Ronnie’s revolver on the detective. Ronnie delights in telling Nigel that he is destined for prison, listing evidence as police surround them. Unpredictable to the last, Nigel says he can still avoid prison and goes to shoot himself, only to find Ronnie’s gun is not loaded. Ronnie arrests Nigel.

In the aftermath, the evolving UK Police moves to distance itself from veteran detective Ronnie, citing his record of ill-discipline. Ronnie overturns petty accusations from a falsified internal criminal investigation but is made to pay the damning price of a forced retirement.

by Ronnie Howard with Tim Fennell


Stephen Saunders

Stephen Saunders, Patrick Carney Jr., Steve Crawshaw.

Luke Freeman, Stephen Saunders

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